Operations and Administration

Here’s an overview of the internal workings of the ministry and the roles of various departments

Administration And Supplies Department

The Department of Administration and Supplies whose function cuts across the entire Ministry is in charge of personnel matters. In the same vein, the maintenance, furnishing, supplies are all handled by the Department. Thus, the Departments is the Utility Room of the Ministry. This Department performs the following functions.

Finance And Account Department

  • It provides assistance in generation of revenue and render same promptly to the appropriate coffers of Government;
  • It also performs the disbursement of fund appropriately;
  • This Department consists of Personal Emolument Section, Other Charges and Cash Office.

Planning Research and Statistics Department

  • Provision of Annual Budgets for the Ministry which will be in line with the policy and program of the State Government;
  • Provisions of auxiliary services for Departments with a view to achieving the corporate goal of the Ministry
  • To carry out research that will boost the goals of the Ministry in area of revenue generation;
  • To collate and analyse data;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the budgets performance of the Departments in the Ministry.

Project Analysis and Implementation Department

The Department was created to reverse the slow rate of Industrial Development in the State in spite of abundance large quantities of raw materials that should be a major motivation factor. To this end, the Department focus on attracting both Local and Foreign Investors towards enhancement of industrial activities in the State. The Department is charge with the responsibilities of transforming Oyo State socio- economically, industrially and technologically through innovative application of science and technology, that is emphasizing science and technology for prompt technological transformation and rapid industrialization of Oyo State. The Department is presently having 3 projects which are inactive due to lack of funds and logistics.

Trade Department

The Department is the major Revenue Generating Department of the Ministry.

Cooperative Services Department

This department is a specialized service department. It is saddled with promoting cooperative organizations; mobilization of people toward formation of cooperative societies; and the supervision of the registered ones. The statutory function of the Department includes:

  • Cooperative promotional activities;
  • Registration, inspection and adulating of cooperative societies

Industry Department

  • Preparation of feasibility reports on projects relating to the Ministry and analytical appraisal of such projects for the purpose of determining their social and economic viability;
  • Provision of information on available raw materials for investment opportunities in the State; and
  • Giving loans and technical advisory services to Small Scale Industries benefiting from the State’s Small Scale Industrial Loan Schemes.